Farming, photography, and storytelling. These three things are intertwined into my life and I wouldn't want it any other way.  


  Since I was a child I have been telling stories. Back then they were short, spoken monologues or a small creative writing books written  in school. Now they are in the forms of photographs. Some photos are spontaneous, others are planned and designed, but they all have the same style and feel.    

  It was an easy and obvious choice to specialize in editorial and commercial photography in the agricultural and farming industries because I come from and understand each industry- farming and photography. I currently farm in Dapp, Alberta with my family, and travel around the province (and beyond) to what ever location my photography takes me. Not only do I bring efficiency, quality, and uniqueness to each project, I can talk to and understand the people who work dawn to dusk in this industry. 

  Give me a shout and lets start chatting about your photography needs for your next project or at the very least how harvest went last fall. 

-Anthony Houle    



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